principles heading

ASUPS is guided by a number of principles. We seek to use these principles to hold our feet to the fire, and ensure we achieve our highest organizational potential to ensure the optimal wellbeing of our student body.


Equity & Justice

ASUPS will continue its effort to be cognizant of the disparate and unique life experiences individuals within our campus community hold. Being actively conscious of the aforementioned will enable ASUPS to provide support in an equitable manner, pushing us to best serve the needs and interests of the student body. More specificially, we aim to place supporting those belonging to marginalized groups at the fore of our ASUPS agenda as we continue to work toward making the campus a more welcoming enviornment.







ASUPS will continue to strive for creating a campus community grounded in inclusivity. Every member of the student body deserves to have well-rounded and fulfilling social and educational experiences at UPS devoid of bias and discrimination on the basis of race, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, class, religion, and other classifications of identity. We will actively work to highlight and address the existing barriers of systemic oppression that impede the campus' efforts towards inclusivity. 








ASUPS will work to create and nurture a culture of clear communication and discourse. ASUPS will make continuous efforts to maintain lines of transparent communication by easing access to our senators, executive team, programmers, events, and processes where appropiate. We encourage active participation in campus affairs and we recognize that upholding transparency requires mutual engagement between ASUPS and the student body.



*Images courtesy of Sophia Munic*